Our Process


To determine the best Smell Staging Solutions, our clients’ have found that the $50 Smell Consultation, which goes towards any of our Smell Staging Services, to be the most cost-efficient, and effective results.

Smells are the only sense that are directly linked to the emotional part of our brain and are linked to memories. The affect that our indoor environments have on our health, happiness, and well-being should be acknowledged and the action towards empowering your indoor environment begins with a…

Smell Consultation:

Scheduled, on-site $50 Smell Consultations are credited towards any of our services recommended.

Plant-based Cleaning:

We offer plant-based cleaning to support the process of restoring indoor air quality and enhancing environments with safe and effective natural remedies.

Deodorizing Ozone Treatments:

For the stubborn odors such as smoke and pet urine. Our hassle-free ozone treatments start out as low as $250, require 48hr+ vacancy, and are best as the final solution to restoration.

Painting with Absorbents:

To treat the areas effected by the odor with unique solutions designed for the source of concern.

Products we Use, Love, and Trust:

Young Living’s Seed to Seal guaranteed products are natural, non-toxic, and supportive to sustaining home health & harmony.

 Thieves plant-based household cleaning products and essential oils can be purchased here.