Home Treatment Packages

Each property is unique, therefore, an individual evaluation for the home’s odor source and severity is necessary to determine the best use of our Smell Staging services. We have found this 3 Step Process to be the most common, cost-efficient, and effective.

Step 1:  Ozone Treatment 

We use our commercial-grade ozone machine to pull out any smells from materials, fabrics, flooring, etc. that are releasing odor compounds to “alter” their form and replace the air with a “fresh, after the rain ozone smell”. This step normally takes 48 hours and requires pets and homeowners’ absence during the process.

Typical cost for one level 2000 sqft  home:  $250

Tier 2:  Natural, Non-toxic Cleaning

If recommended, this step goes beyond the ozone treatment to create a welcoming smell and clean the property well.  We use green, Eco-friendly products to clean the home and add a touch of scientifically proven scents to create a welcoming and memorable visit to the property.  This price is also based on condition of home and square footage.

The Thieves plant-based household cleaning products that we use can be purchased here.

Typical cost for one level 2000 sqft home:  $250+

Tier 3:  Painting with Odor Removing Absorbents

If recommended, painting the interior of the home can also increase odor removal.  The painting crew uses a special additive to increase absorbing odors and seals in odors.  This price is a basic, one color and coat painting on walls only and priced per square foot.

*** In some cases, additional services can be added. Each quote is priced per property need.  Please call a team member for details.  ***