Our Story

Brooke Greene is the CEO of Smells Don’t Sell. During her senior year of undergrad at MTSU, she received 2nd place in the Pam Wright Chair of Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition and set forth on the journey to expand her business and change indoor environments with the impact of Smells!

Through her research and experiences, Brooke has personally discovered the correlation with indoor environments filled with toxicity and her hormone imbalance. When she began the personal journey to find balance in her health and happiness, the environment was by far the greatest determining factor. She found it empowering to be able to CHOOSE the everyday products that supported her energy in harmony of home, health, mind, body and spirit.

Growing up in a real estate family, meant viewing many homes, some smellier then most. Brooke and her family were always investing in real estate. During these re-construction site visits, she quickly realized how smells and various indoor environments affected her mood and health, as she struggled with headaches, nosebleeds, and was diagnosed with an endocrine disease called hypothyroidism at the age of 12.

In one specific case, after endlessly searched for the best odor removing solution, when a family member’s condo was struggling to sell because of a smoky garage, it lead Brooke and her family to discovering an effective combination of odor removing remedies, supported with plant healing properties, and a uniquely designed process to properly restore air quality. And they were amazed with the results! Quickly after the final treatment, The Greene Team sold the property at a premium price! This success planted the seed for the business idea of Smells Don’t Sell, which is now changing the industry of real estate, making it literately, less of a headache!

At Smells Don’t Sell, we take out the old to help get it SOLD!