Our Story

Growing up in a real estate family, visiting many homes was a given when being the child of a Realtor, daughters of a builder, and grandchildren of an investor!  During these visits, we quickly realized how smells affect your attitude and mood about the home.  A family member’s condo was being sold that had been smoked in for many years and we were concerned.  After treating the home with ozone and deep cleaning and purification, we were amazed of the change.  Quickly after treatment, we sold the property.  This success planted the seed for a business idea to not only help in our own family businesses, but to help others.  Selling and buying a home is stressful.  We are only one step in a complicated transaction that can help shorten the time on the market, increase and/or keep equity, and perhaps give tools to a buyer thinking about a foreclosure that may need a smell treatment.  Brooke Greene, President of Smells Don’t Sell, will be graduating from MTSU this summer and is excited to take this company to the next level by offering a quick and affordable solution to sellers, buyers, Realtors, landlords, and more.  Traci Greene (mom/Realtor) and Kendra Greene Ellis (sister/investor/Realtor) are also owners of Smells Don’t Sell.  Our team is committed to help make our client’s home welcoming to all guests.