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Smells Don’t Sell Indoor Odor Eliminating and Smell Staging Services


Brooke and Dawn are the owners of Smells Don’t Sell. Their smell staging services began in 2017, with a mission to restore indoor air quality in homes that struggle to sell due to lingering lived-in odors such as: smoke, pet urine, mold, mildew, and cooking odors.

This women-owned company is now creating better living and breathing environments for not only homes, but storefronts and workspaces in East Tennessee! When hiring Brooke and Dawn’s expertise, client’s experience a smell consultation to determine the ideal process to remove unwanted odors and create a sensational, warm, and inviting environment, through the recommendations of specialists and services, which include: Plant-based Cleaning, Deodorization, Smell Staging, and Aromatherapy!

Recent studies suggest that offensive indoor odors can negatively affect the value of a property from 14% to 30%. Improving indoor air quality can not only increase property value, but create harmony in your overall health and well-being.

The conventional odor solutions, such as store-bought sprays, plug-ins, and candles; contain harmful chemicals that not only increase the severity to the indoor air pollution, but also disturb our immune and endocrine systems. Many of these well-known store-bought solutions contain formaldehyde and benzyl-alcohol, which can result in headaches, nausea, vomiting, and are even linked to cancer.

To determine the impact of your indoor air quality, Smells Don’t Sell offers an affordable on-site $50 Smell Consultation to find and recommend a process of solutions that are sustainable and suitable to YOU and your environment!

Smells Don’t Sell offers a range of odor solution services from non-toxic, Plant-based Cleaning to hassle-free Deodorizing Ozone Treatments starting at $250. They also offer Customized Smell Staging for open houses and events, which create a welcoming environment for those visiting your home or business. Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils and Non-harmful Cleaning Products are additionally available at wholesale prices.

Call 865-403-9783 to schedule your $50 Smells Consultation today, which goes towards any Smells services you decide to implement!