Smells Don't Sell

Taking Out The Old To Get It Sold

Odor Elimination, Aromatherapy, Natural Cleaning & Smell Staging Services


Hello! We are Smells Don’t Sell – improving East TN indoor environments through our unique Aromatherapy services!

Helping realtors, landlords, business owners, and homeowners safely and effectively remove odors such as: smoke, urine, mold, mildew, cooking and cleaning toxins.

We offer affordable, hassle-free Odor Eliminating Treatments starting at $250, deep natural cleaning with Plant-based cleaning products, Purifying Essential Oils that help for example: remove mold, & mildew, and customized Aromatherapy Smell Staging to improve equity, environment, and emotional well-being for your home or business.

Our studies suggest that smells can affect the value of a home or property from 14% to 30%. Don’t lose your equity or time on the market due to an offensive pet, cigarette, mold or mildew, cooking, etc. when we can usually remove it in less than 2-3 business days!

Call 865-403-9783 to schedule your $50 Smell Staging Consultation today and you’ll be able to use that $50 towards any of our services you desire!