Smells Don't Sell

Taking Out The Old To Get It Sold


Welcome to Smells Don’t Sell.  We are a full service, woman and family owned small business created to help Realtors, Landlords, sellers, buyers, and families to create a home with no offensive odors.  Our services are uniquely designed to fit the needs, purpose, and budget of the client.  Smells Don’t Sell offers a 3-tier system to treat offensive odors from ozone treatments, deep cleaning, and painting with odor absorbing additives. We work in Knox, Sevier, Jefferson, Blount and surrounding counties.   As a family of realtors, investors, flippers, and entrepreneurs our team is designed to meet the needs of our customers to improve the equity in a property.  Our studies suggest that smells can affect the value of a home or property from 14% to 30% .  Don’t lose your equity or time on the market due to an offensive pet, cigarette, mold or mildew, cooking, etc. when it can be easily treated in a few days.  Call today for a free smell inspection and recommendation of services.